About Nicko and Joe

Nicko and Joe launched their career in 2004 at The Melbourne Comedy Festival with their show "Songs We Think We Know".  Altough this was the first time either of them had performed together in front of a live audience their show attracted critial acclaim from the press and their music and comedy show became one of the cult attractions at the festival.

Nicko returned to Melbourne in 2005 with fellow comedian Silky with the show "Appitite For Distraction" which, once more, was a mixture of comedy and music.

In 2005 Nicko and Joe picked up their guitars and headed to Edinburgh for their debute show "Nicko & Joe Sell Out" which recieved 4 star reviews accross the board and was also where they came up with the idea of a show which would combine their love of bad movies with their love of improvisation.

In the middle of 2006 The show "Nicko & Joe's Bad Film Club" was born and what started as a few tentative steps into this new venture turned into a runaway train as in 2007 they embarked on an 8 month tour of the UK culmanating in run at The Edinburgh Frige Festival a monthly show at Londons prestigious venue "The Barbican".

They were asked by the BBC that year to write and perform a promo for their BBC Summer of British Film where Nicko got to wear a bonnet and made Joe stand in a dirty pond for well over three hours.

This comedy duos enthusiasm and mischivous nature coupled with their musical abilities Nicko and Joe fit in just as well in both comedy clubs and music venues and can be found bringing their own unique brand of musical whimsy and bad movie fun up and down the UK.

What other people have said:

"Nicko and Joe are as unlikely a pairing as Cary Grant and Rosanne Barr, but they are wonderful together"
The Scotsman

" Splendidly Bolshi...have already found the courage to antagonise an audience rather than seduce them and to declare war on feminism before a right on Edinburgh audience takes exceptional nerve"
The Telegraph

"There's a nice, delicately balanced chemistry between this pair" -
The List

"Twisted genius ...great songs, great banter and silliness in
abundance, GO SEE THESE GUYS!"

"...a classy, distinctive double-act offering an enjoyable and often exciting late-night adventure...the pair are always quick-witted and hilarious. Listen carefully and you will find that there are witticisms
both explicit and implicit buried inside the lyrics, but more likely you will be too caught along by the fantastic toe-tapping music to bother."

"Nicko and Joe tickle their audience with a droll pomposity
and some terrific one-liners
The Age

"A double act with a difference...The super sweetness offsets
the acidic nature of their biting songs"
Three Weeks