Hello! So nice of you to come, welcome, welcome, put your feet up, want a cup of tea? Biscuit? I have just put the kettle on, no? OK then, but if you want something don't be afraid to ask. Feel free to have a listen to some of our songs in the sounds section or why not try to find the many hidden links to secret parts of the site.

Friends, family and numerous strangers have been pushing and hoodwinking Nicko and Joe into getting one of those my space things. But they are strong, they would never cave in to peer pressure.......What?....Ahhhhh. Ok, well you can now access their page by clicking the link below.

Nicko and Joe's myspace...um...space

Nicko & Joe film clip

We've been getting a lot of requests to put some of Nicko and Joe's Edinburgh show online, so rather than just stick a few clips in the sounds section we thought we'd put a little video clip up for you to look at.

It was taken by the lovely people at BBC Oxford when our funky spunksters played special friend Silky's rather spiffing comedy club. Just click on their faces to watch it - as always you're going to need real player to look at it.

If you find any errors or something that just ain't working, e-mail Nicko and we'll try our best to fix it.

Rawk on funky spunksters!